Safety Policy

Şenpiliç, as the reliable and leading company of the poultry, offers economical, reliable and delicious products that contribute to the healthy nutrition of our consumers.

Şenpiliç determines as a food safety policy and undertakes to provide all necessary technological resources;

  • To define, implement and maintain the food safety management system and processes in order to produce in healthy, hygienic and safe conditions by adopting human health as a basic principle,
  • To create and follow FSMS (Food Safety Management System) targets,
  • To continuously improve FSMS,
  • To fully fulfil the requirements of the food safety management system and the relevant legal requirements,
  • To ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services,
  • To be in open and honest communication with all internal and external stakeholders,
  • Ensuring the competence of all our internal and external stakeholders regarding food safety and to maintain it for all our activities in this context.