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HR Approach

The most important investment of the people is Şenpiliç's heart, respectful and responsible employees. Because Şenpiliç believes in the importance of teamwork and team spirit until this spirit is reflected in institutional and national development.

Providing the environment to create a bond of love, respect, equality, trust, understanding and solidarity among all employees is one of Şenpiliç's working principles. According to Senpilich, success is not individual. Success comes with solidarity, honesty, respect and sensitivity. Şenpiliç is also an understanding that makes a big family.

Şenpiliç's human resources strategies include;

  • To support the development of the employees who are respectful and responsible to the society with the trainings, to develop their competencies and to ensure that Şenpiliç takes a leading role in realizing their long-term goals,
  • To meet the labor force needed in line with Şenpiliç's business objectives and strategies and to create sustainable working environments in which this power will be evaluated in the most efficient way,
  • To support all human resources policies with an effective performance management by evaluating fair pay and promotion, training programs, social activities and business results,
  • It brings together the individual professional goals that overlap with the objectives of the organization and creates the manpower that works in teams and believes in cooperation.
All policies carried out in the field of human resources in the long term to achieve continuous success and employees of the architects of this success is to make them feel motivated as a high family member. In order to become a preferred institution in this direction, the Company aims to expand its corporate objectives and to summarize Şenpiliç's understanding of human resources as a large family to achieve these goals.