Şenpiliç | Company



Şenpiliç is Turkey's biggest chicken meat producer with 18% market share and its 425.000 tons/year production quantity.

As a pioneering brand in the chicken sector of Turkey, we operate with 24 breeding farms, 2 hatcheries, 3 feed plants, Sogutlu, Alifuatpasa and Kadirli slaughterhouses equipped with cutting-edge technologies, and further processing plant. Also have over 2000 contracted producers, and contributes to the Turkish economy by providing employment to 3.200 people directly and 12.000 people indirectly.

We carry out daily chicken meat distribution and sales to 81 cities of Turkey with its wide sales network. Distribution is performed throughout Turkey with GPRS vehicle tracking system to 18 regional directorates and 60 dealers by Senpilic frigorific fleet.

Production facilities operate under ISO 9000 Quality Management and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems. Sogutlu Slaughterhouse is the first slaughterhouse in Turkey to be granted a HACCP 13001 Certificate of from the Turkish Institute of Standards. 

Also for the customers who demand ritual slaughter of meat, requiring Halal Certification, is strictly supervised in Senpilic slaughterhouses and exports predominantly to Libya, Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan. Senpilic has all the documents that authorizes it to export to the EU, Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia.